Monday, August 10, 2009

(All preamps are labeled Dyno Brain now)

Above are the "Stock" colors:
RATROD is either the Sinner in black w/ blood red pinstripe graphics

Ghoul'daddy in black w/lime green pinstripe graphics
steppin it up a notch we have 

COLA SPARKLE, as our Hi-Roller color!! This color is
a deep cola with subtle but shiny orange and green 60's sparkle

(all are pinstriped on the sides and top)
This whole project is a communal american artist project and when you buy this pedal you arent just getting a pedal, you are supporting 3 american business owners/artistes. Buy american!
shipped to the continental USA
u.s.p.s priority free

((note:These Colors are spray with automotive industry clear coat, care must be taken like you would with your car))

I accept paypal payments for its safety and great shipping communications for you! The Buy now button is at the very top of the page. (IF you are not in the continental USA you will have to pay the additional ship charges as I'm only set up for USA paypal on this site.
be sure to add the USPS express insured postage charge in the check out section)
NOCTURNE Brain Pre*amp is a registered trademark © 2008 Tavo Vega Inc. Patent Pending. All Rights Reserved.

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