Monday, June 27, 2011

New dual Mode BILLY BRAIN in Rattlebomb Relic for guitar and bass!

Need to have your Nocturne Preamp more Psychobilly meets Honky Tonk??
then you might need the


aggressive and full tilt version of our Atomic Brain's "abby mode" this
uses a more modern opamp with a dual mode switch for guitar and bass. Most fender
and vox style amps will quickly go into a crunchy twang with this preamp at 3 oclock.
Its definitely a texas psychobilly freakout.
The new "Stang" mode is over the top for solos and taking your guitar into
stinging twang crunch ( I love this for my strat to get an srv gritch goin).
This is 100% a preamplifier in a pedal, not an overdrive but will take your tube guitar
amp into clipping territory while never losing
one bit of your guitars original tone and dynamics, but
rather enhancing your finger tone.

Switch over to "BIG IRON" Bass mode and
your electric bass will come alive with massive punch and growl.
Brings the Brown Note to an Upright bass that already has a piezo preamp amp.
Got a baritone guitar and need that huge bakersfield twang, this is perfect.

  While this comes with a shoe leather worn "Rattlebomb Relic paint job" & stick on decals that
will continue to age and relic (Polished Primer relic finish), I can assure you the heart of this preamp
is still top quality components. (metal film resistors in the audo path,vishay-sprague electrolytics, neutrik jacks, alpha pots, socketed opamp and heavy duty true bypass stompers and switch). 9v DC adaptor jack (- tip boss style).
gotta love the Gorilla's glowing Red LED stink eyes!
Avail in a limited run of 10

 now $245

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