Friday, September 16, 2011

NOCTURNE (((FUZZ-RAY)) vintage garage fuzz

the NOCTURNE  (((FUZZ-RAY))  vintage garage fuzz

taking a co-op leap here by mixing the art of Vince Ray
and my need for fat sexy smooth fuzz to make a pedal Filtertron'd
Gretsch guitars can enjoy. Plenty of fuzz pedals out there that favor single coils..
but a Gretsch with filters has one now, or for the time being I'm making these.

Is this a unique ground breaking effect, no..
has its design been replicated a bazzilion times all over the internet, yes.

but, I have a Fuzz pedal now that I like for my tvjones pkups.

it is creamy fat garage fuzz that is based off an early 60s british design fuzz with a twist of course. uses BC108&bc109 silicon trannies and metal film caps. High grade full size alpha pots, switchcraft jacks, metal film resistors,etc for good measure.
Granted this is a noisy ass fuzz but my gretsch guitar and tele sez it rocks.
As the volume is turned up so does the grind of the fuzz and its snarl, it can get extremely loud so you dont have to worry about being lost in the mix. It also has a "smoove" switch for taming the upper mids to get darker and smoother textures.
This is also a great switch to employ with single coils especially if you have dynasonics on your gretsch..
it'll put a nice leash on the single coils bite and keep the sound Fat fuzzy and Round.  Just remember I wanted a fuzz for MY filtertron'd gretsch and while I dont know if I'm in the fuzz pedal biz just yet, this is a cool mash up of Vince Ray's Art and my ear for tone toys.  Vince got #1. :)

stardust sparkle  w/ white graphics.

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