Sunday, January 1, 2012

new for 2012 THE UBANGI STOMP

"gritch'stortion" pedal

for those who like surf AND turf
with their gretsch'o'billy

This one is simple.. take an early 80s R*t pedal
& tweak its values and components so
when you turn up your old fullerton era
amp or vintage brit plexi, you can
keep the inherent twang and jangle of
your hollowbody gretsch but
harness that grindy tube clip at decent volume.

I like what this thing does
when the amp is up, the pedal vol is up and its gain is low.
a badass gritschy grind with a *gretsch!
Thats my focus, I'm not
trying to be true to the white label purist.
grindy raunch with jangle makes me happy.
I dont mind sand in my surfwax.

the Ubangi Stomp has:
an internal trimmer for controlling gain on the low end,
socketed vintage LM308AH opamp (the cool looking metal can),
and socketed Diodes too, so you can flip em around
for symmetrical or asymmetrical clipping.
Or take them out for a much lower gain, raunchy overdrive.
heck try LEDs too! This makes it fun to me.
Plus I'm using tantalum caps and carbon comp resistors,
as well as good metal film
components in the audio path.

I'm putting out 10 in army helmet green.
We'll go from there.
Introductory price of $149! first ten will have the
nos LM308AH metal can op-amp. If I find more
I'll try to keep from the usual LM308 plastic chip
as long as possible. Does the metal can sound any
better? maybe. sure looks rad.


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