Friday, March 23, 2012


surf meets spaghetti western soundtracks. This is the Silicon metal can versionthat will let you swap in your favorite tone caps and NPN transistors if youthink your way is better than mine.   I like mine though and I have a limitedrun of 13 candy apple red with gold metallic pinstripe out now that willinclude a duet of vintage NOS film caps that really make this fuzz much more versatilethan the original. A little less spit but plenty of adjustable snarl.PLUS I've added a tone control to allow you to set your texture of fuzz with maximumtreble punch or warm dark growl.  This is an agressive fuzz, like angry bees with nailsand perfect for surf instros with plenty of wet reverb, or desert dry spaghetti westernstyle raunch.You know I love my gretsch guitars and I've designed this workexceptionally well with tvjones filtertrons and t-armond, hand in glove!!(I'm not affiliated with Gretsch guitars I just own and play them more thanthe other guitars)be sure to check soon in our video gallery for demos of this new fuzz.

This limited run Fuzz pedal  includes a free Seltzerado Bandana and 3 nocturne guitar picks for kicks.

PLEASE ALLOW 2 WEEKS for shipment at time of placing order((buy it now in menu above right ))(flat rate priority ship to USA is $15.00..add an additional  fee for international express shipping via USPS )

this pedal runs on a standard 9v (-)tip power supply ..any standard boss style regulated adaptor will
work great. *i like the godlyke power all personally or the onespot by visual sounds*.
battery clip included.

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