Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Rock-tober! new finishes happening this month.

Got some new finishes happening here this last week of Rocktober.


the Nocturne Atomic Brain 

 is now available in Satin Metallic Purple, the Billy Brain is avail in Grape Ape, a deep gloss black with purple pinstripes and contrast purple and orange dual gorilla logo.
The stang switch has been dropped and now gets employed in the second half of the gain knobs rotation (beyond 2 oclock).


Coming back to the stable is the NOCTURNE BRAIN CLASSIC

this replaces the original BRAIN SELTZER (name has been changed to keep in the good graces of Brian Setzer's record label  SURF DOG RECORDS ) in keeping the original EQ but it now has a voltage doubled buffer that is partially borrowed from the Zoom space echo mod (using the FET transistor he suggests only) but brings the input buffer from a standard 9v to a full 18volts for increased
head room and impedance matching.Take my Nocturne Brain Classic and your favorite analog echo pedal and you'll be comping the Setzer picking dynamics just like an original Roland RE-301 space echo's preamp with your favorite rockabilly guitar.
You can even stick this pedal in front of an original
space echo be it the RE-100, the RE-150, the RE-201 or the RE-301 even the RE550.. and
you wont need to use the 50ft guitar cables Setzer has to use to match the guitar impedance to the unit. I've got you covered in this new and improved original
Nocturne Brain Classic! I've even added a treble cut for more sonic control than the original
space echo's preamp ever had. All top quality components in my preamps too boot; long life heavy duty true bypass stomp switch, switchcraft jacks, vishay and xicon metal film resistors, vishay sprague electrolytics and metal film caps, even the opamp is socketed and the circuit board has flying leads to hard wired jacks and pots. no flimsy PCB mounted jacks and crappy pcb mounted pots. This is built like a vintage amplifier should be, down to the double thickness recycled aluminum stomp box forged here in america with a based coat that is powder coated and baked on by an american cycle shop in NY.
I can say proudly, you get what you pay for and I live for making high quality preamp pedals here in southern california!

Also, I'm finally making a Satin metallic Purple Atomic brain!

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