Thursday, November 3, 2011

the fuzz tweaker special THE NOCTURNE FUZZ BRAIN


- big nasty garage fuzz

This utilizes the basic platform vintage 60s silicon fuzz
circuit as the Fuzz Ray but I've tweaked a bit
to have a tad more velcro buzz in the upper mids to grab the vibe of the Biker Soundtrack
fuzz sound, or how that sort of fuzz sound lays into modern surf music sounds.
the graphics are an intentional knod to some sick Crampy camp!

*This has a treble tone cut pot as well as output control pot.. (mini switch for tone pot bypass, yields more presence to the guitar strings)
This is a fat nasty fuzz that never loses the sound of a Gretsch guitar
(or even my tele with dynasonics).
The strat and tele guys have all the fuzzes in the world, This one is for
our guitars.

*This Fuzz also has selectable Gain via the transistor sockets internally.

*comes with 3 sets of NPN silicon transistors in
**2N4401- 2N222- BC109** Low Gain, Medium, and High gain cans
this allows you to choose how much of a fuzzed signal you want. A tweaker delight!

I find the
4401 to be more musical in this fuzz and the BC109-B108 combo to be the gnarliest.
since this Fuzz platform is an NPN silicon design you can mix or match!

*vintage NOS Motorola "john e. fast"film cap on the tone pot for the first fifteen orders.
I scored these at vintage electronics store, so when these are gone. they are gone
and will be replaced by good metal film caps. I know there isnt too much
difference between the NOS and the new metal film caps but they sure are cool.

baked Powder coated box is Stardust sparkle with a vinyl graphics top that give knod
to the coolest lady gretsch slinger ever .  green LED.

$169 BUY IT NOW above

(flat rate priority ship to USA is $15.00
..add an additional $23 for
international express shipping via USPS )

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