Saturday, November 19, 2011

NAILHEAD TREMOLO Limited. run for the holidays in an irridescent Sno-Globe sparkle.


named after my 54' Buick's 322 Nailhead V-8 engine
this tremelo, with its well known unique transistor circuit
has been revamped & optimized for the guitars
I love to play.. Gretsch.
Sounds nice for sure with all the usual suspects but
 I built this to bubble and throb
nicely with tvjones filtertrons
(Gretsch and tvjones are mentioned only for demonstration of the guitars I used
in the R&D of my product. I am not affiliated with gretsch, marc rutters or tvjones)

Your guitar is never lost in the effect and the throb is smooth and even across all 6 strings.
Dig in hard and push the transistors to clip a little for some grease, back off and chords strums are full with throbbing vintage bounce. Just like
my Buick V-8 Nailhead does when I fire her up for a drive.

simple controls; Speed Knob on the left & Depth knob on the right,
"Speed" stomp switch turn on/off the effect and its LED indicator
when on pulses to the speed of the tremelo.
The "Need" stomp switch when on,
lets you hit the brake & cut to its slowest pulse.
a feature I like for a quick leslie like transition
(there is an internal trimmer for micro adjusting the need mode too)

I've also included an internal Volume/Boost control for unity gain.
I set it slightly higher than the TRUE BYPASS signal but
a simple adjustment will boost it further (or cut if you like that)

Limited. run for the holidays in an irridescent Sno-Globe sparkle.

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