Monday, February 4, 2013

The NOCTURNE BLONDESHELL 63 Blonde Bassman welcomes De Lisle Amps!

What does the Nocturne Brain pedal and amp company have in common with De Lisle Amplification?? Not much... 

That is Until early this last summer when I asked De Lisle amps ( you know Jer D. as MUGSY on the GDP forum and G-T forums) if he would take over the responsibility of building the chassis for my Blondeshell 63' amps.

It actually starting rolling sooner than that when the review of my Blondeshell amp in Premier Guitar magazine didnt turn out like I hoped because there was a problem with the amp that must have occured in shipping that the reviewer wasnt aware of (wish I'd known before hand as the reviewer felt he needed the amp up at 7 and he should have had that same power at 4 on the volume)  This led me to ask for the amp to be send immediately over to my friend Jer De Lisle in the neighboring state of Indiana to see what was wrong with the amp. He found that the tubes were out of bias and said she was up to par.  I let the guys at Premier know about that situation and then the amp was ready for me to sell to a german customer.      This kind of response from Jer De Lisle in helping me solve the problem in the review, made it clear to me that I wanted to co-op with another american builder that is both gracious with his clients, knowledgeable, timely and dependable.  I need to insert that my time working with the last chassis builder came to a close because he is a full time IT guy and told me he didnt have the time to meet my needs in this season of his life.. All good, but I want to keep making my design of a hotrod Blonde bassman style amp.
The Nocturne Brain company will keep the Blondeshell 63 amp going and will be offering this 6G6-B style blonde amp now in both compact head version and a full size 1x15 combo.
If you havent heard about my Blondeshell amplifier, you can get the details at my website at the bottom of the Products page (site link is on the right of the GDP forum under sponsors) or email me through the GDP private message route.
The quick and deadly is this amp is based on the Normal channel of a 63 blonde fender bassman but its not a clone rather its built to sound and respond like a 50 yr old blonde amp does.
I personally wanted a top of the line amp that would give me ALL the sounds I've grown up hearing on  the Stray Cats albums and the more recent Brian Setzer Orchestra, in a nutshell Brian Setzer's Blonde 63 bassman rocking amp tone.  The sum of its parts creates its tonal and textural recipe so that it feels and behaves like only a 63 blonde bassman does.
     No baloney, just incredible quality parts and intensive american labor to yield an amp to my own gigging needs and to grab a hold of the rock'a hulabilly swingin surf'rod sounds I need from my gretsch and telecaster -ish guitar creations.
I'm very proud of this amp I have designed and more so to now co-op with Jer of De Lisle amps to keep the Nocturne Blondeshell amp going.

check it out here and see it in action on Buzz Campbell 's Video:

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