Thursday, May 9, 2013

THE SLEEPER.. 50s tweed flavored overdrive

 This Drive pedal, The Sleeper, has been made to afford a nice range of light to medium gain,colored overdrive texture that maintains the guitar's inherent sound. You play it, it doesnt play you. I wanted to keep the high side of the guitar clearly intelligible, the low mids full and its drive character had to be able to clean up to a fair degree when I dialed back the volume on my gretsch, tele or strat..( It does this particularly well if you have a treble bleed cap across your guitars volume pot. )
    The Sleeper Drive has both a "compressed feel" and "uncompressed feel" mode, as I dont think switching in and out clipping diodes merits me calling it a high powered or low powered tweed amp and no one else should use that hype either.  So, I can honestly say that when its in compressed mode (note" there is no discrete compressor circuit involved with this pedal, I'm merely using the term to describe the gain response/player feel) you are getting a mixed pair of Germanium and Silicon clipping diodes working with the unique high powered FET transistor.
Switch it to uncompressed mode and the circuit opens up in a nice, crisp bloom some breakup at higher gain levels. Single notes are juicy and chords break up evenly but with definition.
Other features include a presence cut switch that smooths out the high treble and is very useful for guitars w bright single coil pickups.
A second stomp switch on the left that defeats the drive knob and functions almost like a lead boost in the uncompressed mode, and more like an upper mids enhancer in the compressed setting if the gain control is set between 7 oclock and 1 oclock, good for bluesy solos.
This overdrive is a SLEEPER and has some power hiding under the hood, plus has some very nice componentry including Solen Fast caps from france (ooooh booteekery), xicon polystyrene film caps, metal film caps, switchcraft jacks and two really bright green LEDs. This pedal is one of my co-op builds involves 3 different independent craftsmen and the sum of all parts is the key to high quality and the finishing touch to a well built american product.

This is available for a limited run of 10 in cola sparkle (more cola than sparkle until direct light hits it) this will also include a crazy freebie, a Luchador bottle opener (colors vary but they are cool) 
introductory price is $SOLD-out

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