Thursday, October 17, 2013

I thought I'd revisit the Brian Setzer "brain seltzer" & "dyno brain" pedals I made for the man himself..

Had a flashback, thought I'd share it here..

some 3yrs back I had a life quaking experience getting to actually meet my guitar hero, Brian Setzer in person. It wasnt some random coincidence or side of the concert hall waving as his limo drove by. Rather I was personally invited to come meet him backstage after his concert in Palm Desert and it was there he handed me his 59' gretsch and said "play somethin". That moment has rocked my mind every day since and I still grin ear to ear thinking about it.

Whats even more near and dear to my heart is that he ordered my preamp pedals that I make, and paid for them! He has more Roland RE-301 space echo units than probably anyone on earth yet he decided
to give some rockabilly guy sitting in the shop behind his house making pedal box versions of the RE-301 space echo preamps, a bit of joy.
I felt like the silversmith to the King of Neo Rockabilly getting those two pedals ready for Brian Setzer, I was floating the entire week. I made him two, one was a lime gold Brain Seltzer and the other, totally new at the time a Dyno Brain in silver sparkle..

I dont know if he ever took them to a gig but he did let me know through a friend that he really liked
them and they sounded great. Thats more than enough for me and says much about Mr. Setzer's character. He didnt have to invite me and my wife back stage to hang out with him, or let me hold his
59' Gretsch, nor did he have to order a nocturne brain pedal.. but he's more that just a legendary grammy winning rock god, he a regular guy at heart and a fellow guitar freak that loves gear.
It was a privilege to create these two pedals for Brian Setzer.

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