Monday, August 26, 2013

Put together a 9 minute video regarding the new Nocturne BLONDESHELL 63 1x15 combo amp.
You can watch the video, or read the text below! Pick your poison :)

I have spent many yrs of research and development to create an amplifier that will play and perform and record (hear it on all the guitars on my album SURRENDER AT CARTERS GLEN, avail on itunes and amazon  ) like the old original 1963 Fender Blonde Bassman 6G6-B I have gigged for the last decade and a half, I can thank Brian Setzer with his Stray Cats and Brian Setzer Orchestra for the inspirational love of this amp.  
The blondeshell while built of top shell, no compromise components to make a cork sniffer faint, is more about the sum of ALL components to give you an amp that actually responds and performs like a 50 year old Blonde 1963 Fender 6G6-B bassman's normal channel but with good tube spring verb..
That is why this blonde bassman was built. If it cant replace my 50 yr old blonde sweety, there is no reason for it to exist. ...but it does. I've had the sound of a bassman in my soul since the days of riding in the family's buick, as a kid, to pick my pops up from work at the Fullerton Fender Factory and then come home to watch him and my cousin plug their Fender guitars ( my dads Fender Coronado II and my cousins Fender P-bass) into a Fender Bassman amp head and 212 cab.

If you'd like the sound of Dick Dale rumblin with Brian Setzer and hanging out with Pete Townsend and Duane'll want this amp.

< I have no affiliation with Fender musical instruments, Dick Dale, Brian Setzer, Duane Eddie or Pete Townsend they are mentioned only for historic and educational research referential purposes>

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